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NGS is accredited A. It has became our commitment to the standards of educational quality and services for parents and students.


We have a strong focus on the development of students' character and skills as the primary priority in education.


The parenting facility for parents is our earnest effort to assist them in maximizing their roles for their children.

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Life-Changing Journey

The life-changing journey experience is transformative, offering moments of self-discovery, personal growth, and the opportunity to shape one’s destiny in profound ways.

Every child is unique. We appreciate every talents, interests, and potential that make them special and valuable.

Our Focus

A learning experience encompasses the entire process through which individuals acquire new knowledge, skills, or insights. It involves various educational methods, and a well-rounded learning experience to personal and intellectual growth.

  • Quality Education

    Structured curriculum for providing high-quality education with competent and experienced teachers integrated with technology in the learning process.

  • Character Building

    Comprehensive character-building programs to shape positive personalities, and to emphasize moral values, ethics, and social responsibility.

  • Career Opportunities & Counseling

    Career guidance and counseling to help students plan their future. Collaboration with the alumnus or universities to expand post-graduation opportunities.

  • Experience-Based Learning

    Engaging students in hands-on activities, encouraging exploration, experimentation, and direct interaction with the subject matter, fostering a deeper understanding and practical application of concepts.


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